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Our SlidingSusan® Single Trash with Storage Compartment not only keeps unsightly trash cans out of view, but also provides a cache area for easy access to everyday items. The provided storage space can hold spare trash bags, cleaning supplies, dishwasher detergent, or any other stowing needs.


Great for: Trash or recycling bins in any room. 


Depth: 18" or 21”

Width: Minimum 16"

Height: 7”


A detached 16” tall front is included. It can be easily added to the Trash drawer with the included hardware. Fronts keep trash cans hidden from view or can be used to attach the unit to your cabinet door.


Trash Cans: Available in 35 or 50 quart. 35 quart requires 20” height space, 50 quart requires 24”of height space. Trash can included with purchase.


Measuring Instructions

Installation Instructions


SlidingSusan® products can be custom ordered to fit any cabinet space. 16” minimum required to house trash can.

Single Trash w/ Storage SlidingSusan

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