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The Utility Insert comes with two adjustable dividers that fit into your existing drawer or any of the SlidingSusan® drawers. Our adjustable pin system means you can custom place your dividers wherever you like, leaving three unique spaces for cooking utensils. Like all our accessories, it can be used in any of our SlidingSusan® drawers or an existing one in your home.


Great for: Organizing cooking utensils, office supplies, junk drawers, pens and battery storage, or any space that needs segmented organization.



Depth: Any

Width: Any

Height: 2-1/2”



SlidingSusan® products can be custom ordered to fit any cabinet space. 


Utility Insert

  • Measuring Instructions:


    • Measure the inside width of your drawer (from side to side).
    • Measure the inside depth of your drawer (from back to front).
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