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The Knife Block/Utility Insert can be used in SlidingSusan® products or any existing drawer in your home. A solid wood drop-in knife block allows easy insertion while slots ensure safe and easy storage for knives of various sizes.  An adjustable divider allows space for extra knives or utensils. The knife block is approximately half the width of the drawer.  Like all our SlidingSusan® Accessories, it can be used in any of our drawers or an existing one in your home.


Depth: Any

Width: Any

Height: 1-1/8”, Handle rest is 1/2"


Measuring Instructions

Installation Instructions


SlidingSusan® products can be custom ordered to fit any cabinet space. 

Knife Block/Utility Insert

  • Measuring Instructions:


    • Measure the inside depth of your drawer (from front to back)
    • Measure the inside width of your drawer (from side to side)
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