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Keep unsightly waste bins tucked away in any room with our Single Trash SlidingSusan®. Great for kitchen, laundry, or garage trash storage. Available as a SlidingSusan® unit or as drawer only.


Depth: 18" or 21”

Width: Any, 12" Min

Height: Front 18", Back 7”


The front of the Single Deluxe Trash SlidingSusan® is18” high. Fronts keep trash cans hidden from view or can be used to attach the unit to your cabinet door.


Trash Cans: Available in 35 or 50 quart. 35 quart requires 20” height space, 50 quart requires 24” of height space. One trash can included with purchase.


Measuring Instructions

Installation Instructions


SlidingSusan® products can be custom ordered to fit any cabinet space. 12” minimum required to house trash can.

Single Deluxe Trash SlidingSusan®

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