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The Double Deluxe Trash SlidingSusan® holds two recycle or waste baskets. The swoop sides give an aesthetically pleasing look while keeping the bins out of sight. Great for garbage and recycling bins in kitchens, garages, laundry rooms and more.


Depth: 21”

Width: 16" Standard, Custom widths available

Height: 18" Front, 7” Back


The front of the Double Deluxe Trash SlidingSusan® is18” high. Fronts keep trash cans hidden from view or can be used to attach the unit to your cabinet door.


Trash Cans: Available in 35 or 50 quart. 35 quart bins requires 20” height space, 50 quart bins requires 24” of height space. Trash cans included with purchase.


Measuring Instructions

Installation Instructions


SlidingSusan® products can be custom ordered to fit any cabinet space. 16” minimum required to house trash cans.  

Double Deluxe Trash SlidingSusan

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