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Organize your trays with the Cookie Sheet SlidingSusan®. Four adjustable dividers allows you to customize your storage space. Not only great for cookie sheets, this SlidingSusan® can organize baking trays, muffin tins, pot and pan lids, placemats, cutting boards and more. The dividers are on an adjustable pin system.


The unit comes with a base. You may also opt to use your own drawer ($10 discount.)


Depth: 12", 15", 18" or 21".  

Width: Any

Height: 7"


Measuring Instructions

Installation Instructions


SlidingSusan® products can be custom ordered to fit any cabinet space. 

Cookie Sheet SlidingSusan

  • Measuring Instructions:


    • Measure the inside depth of your drawer (from front to back)
    • Measure the inside width of your drawer (from side to side)
    • Measure the inside height of your drawer (from bottom to top)
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