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SlidingSusan Cabinet Insert Easy Installation

Make a Storage Plan


Step 1

Identify storage problems like messy drawers, tottering pot and pans, exposed trash can or bathroom clutter. 

Step 2

Sliding Susan base units and decluttering additions are great for organizing just about any cabinet.

Step 3

Measure the cabinet's interior depth, width and height. Also check the clearance of cabinet doors, drawers and hinges. Then order from and the units will be delivered to your home or business.

3 Tools to DIY Intallation
sliding susan easy install orgaiers, tape measure icon
Measuring Tape
sliding susan easy install organizers, level icon
sliding susan easy install orgaizers, drill icon
Electric Drill
Pro-Tip:  Some home improvement stores will rent tools which can be less expensive than a full purchase.

Measuring Instructions


  • Measure the inside width of your cabinet (from side to side).

  • Measure the inside depth of your cabinet (from back to front).

To choose the best SlidingSusan® size for your cabinet, allow an additional 1” for the depth. (For example, a 21” depth Original SlidingSusan® requires 21.5” or more in cabinet depth.)


If ordering taller SlidingSusan® products, such as Trash units, Plastic-Ware, Cookie Sheet, Single or Double Caddy: Measure the inside height of your cabinet (from top to bottom). Allow a minimum of 19”–20”.


For all other SlidingSusan® products, a minimum height of 4” is required.



  • Measure the inside width of your drawer (from side to side).

  • Measure the inside depth of your drawer (from back to front).

  • Measure the inside height of your drawer (from top to bottom).

Installation Instructions

Follow the installation instructions that come with your Sliding Susan organizer.

Step 1

Place SlidingSusan® on a counter or tabletop, using a towel or cloth for surface protection. Slide the drawer open, reach underneath the drawer, and squeeze orange locking clips to release. Separate the Drawer Unit from the Base Unit.

Step 2

Align the front of the Base Unit with the front edge of your cupboard, making sure it is straight. Using the predrilled holes, tighten down the base with the screws provided.

Step 3

Place the Drawer Unit on the Base Unit, aligning the notches with the metal guides. Slide the drawer back until you hear a click. Done!


When installing a SlidingSusan® on an adjustable shelf, locking shelf clips are required to prevent tipping. These may be purchased on our website or by phone.

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Sliding Susan

Sliding Susan

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